Tumo-Int 1000W 3 Blades Wind Turbine Kit with MPPT Controller (24V)

Tumo Int Corporation Limited

Regular price $999.00

  • 1000 Watts rated wind turbine generator kit
  • Low start up wind speed and greater energy production yield
  • Generator, blades, controller, screws, blots and nose cone included
  • Maintenance free, easy installation, noiseless
  • Permanent magnetic triple phase AC generator

Product Specification:

  • Rated power: 1000W
  • Peak power:1050W
  • Start up@ 5.6mph
  • Rate power@28mph
  • Survival@ 90mph
  • Voltage: 24/48V
  • Rotor diameter: 74.8inches
  • Blade material: nylon fiberglass
  • Motor: triple phase magnetic generator
  • Control mode: electromagnetically control
  • Self-adjust to wind direction
  • Working temperature:-40℃~60℃