Tumo-Int 60Amp PWM Solar Controller, 12/24V input with two 5Vdc USB and two 12Vdc Power Sockets

Tumo Int Corporation Limited

Regular price $66.99

  • Two 5Vdc USB and two 12Vdc Power Sockets, suitable for DC light
  • Easy to operate, powerful, stable performance
  • Pwm charging mode,limited voltage charging mode
  • Protection system: over charge, over load short circuit, battery reverse
  • Option temperature, compensation function

Product Specification:

  • Rated Voltage: 12/24V
  • Rated Current: 60A
  • Voltage of solar panels: ≤100V
  • Float charging voltage: 54.8V
  • Low voltage protection: 42V
  • Low voltage recovery: 48.8V
  • Characteristic:No load loss: ≤10mA
  • Loop voltage drop: ≤170mV
  • Temperature compensation: -4mV/Cell/℃
  • Operating temperature:-20℃~+60℃
  • Storage temperature:-30℃~+70℃
  • Humidity requirements:≤90%,no condensation
  • Installation cable area:≤7#AWG(16mm²),>3#AWG(25mm²)
  • Package size:209*110*63mm/217*158*95mm
  • Weight:520g/810g