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Tumo-Int 1000W 5Blades Wind Turbine Generator Kits with MPPT Controller (24/48V)

Tumo-Int 1000W 5Blades Wind Turbine Generator Kits with MPPT Controller (24/48V)

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  • [Low Noise] The aluminum alloy case of the wind turbine is light and pretty, low vibration.
  • [High Efficiency] Optimized design of aerodynamic contour and structure enable the generator to start-up in low wind speed, and improve the utilization of wind energy, so that the annual power generation can be increased.
  • [Safe and reliable] Adopts mechanical and electromagnetic dual over-speed control design, improve safety and reliability in operation.
  • [Durable and Sturdy] The shell is covered by high quality primer and enamel, protecting it from UV, mould, salt spray and damp air. The wind turbine can be used for 15 years without any maintenance if it is correctly applied; 3-year warranty is provided. Can work at -40° C ~ 80°C.
  • [Automated] Auto wind direction adjustment. By operating with the controller, it can monitor the data constantly during operation and give fault alarm in time.


1000W 5Blades Wind Turbine Parameter Table Down Load


1000W 5Blades Wind Turbine User Manual 


Product Description

Great Performance


  • High efficiency of wind energy conversion.
  • Performs well in low wind speed weather.
  • Low vibration and low noise during operation.
  • Adjust direction automatically to maximize efficiency.


High-Quality Material and Ingenious Design


  • The generator adopts a patented permanent magnet rotor alternator, with the specially designed stator, efficiently decrease resistance torque.
  • Mechanical and electromagnetic dual over-speed control are used to avoid damage of strong wind.
  • Wind energy can effectively turn into electricity through precise injection molding blades and optimized design of aerodynamic contour and structure of the generator.


1000W 5Blades Wind Turbine Generator Kits with MPPT Controller

Rated Power 1000W
Max. Power 1200W
Voltage with MPPT 24/48V
Number of blades 5
Start-up Wind Speed 2m/s
Rated Wind Speed 12m/s
Survival Wind Speed 50m/s
Blades material Glass-Fiber Nylon

Rugged and Durable


The generator is resistant to high and low temperature as the working temperature of -40°C ~ 80°C.

Professional anticorrosion material prevents the generator from being damaged, especially for the application of seaside area.

The wind turbine can be used for 15 years if it is correctly applied.


3 blades wind turbine: high rotation rate, perform best in areas rich in wind energy.

5 blades wind turbine: low rotation rate, more stable power generation, perform best in areas lack of wind energy.

Wide Application


Apart from the wind turbine and controller provided, you also need a battery (grid-tied system does not need battery), an inverter, a pole or a tower, and some cables to make them work normally in the wind energy system.

Can apply to grid-tied or off-tied system both should be connected with the corresponding inverter.

Can apply to various types of battery both should be connected with the corresponding controller.

· For detailed operational advice and attentions, please check the user manual attached below. (Under Technical Specification)


Monitoring items are comprehensive and graphically displayed.

The software is fully functioned, displaying wind or solar battery data, store operational data, modify parameters, and control the status of wind turbine.

Equipped with a fault alarm system, and alarm contents are stored automatically for future reference.

Multi-language version.

After-Sales Service

If you have any questions during installation or operation, please leave your message.

We promise that if the products have quality problems, you can return the goods within 30 days of purchase.

If the parts are damaged in three years since purchase, we can send you new ones for free.

Quality Promise

We promise that the generator is of high quality, good function, complete body, and rigorously checked before delivery.

The wind turbine can be used for 15 years if it is correctly applied, and we will provide maintenance service for free within three years of purchase. Damages that occurred in the following situations are not covered: privately dismantle or seriously violate operation (not according to instructions use). In such cases, maintenance cost has to be paid.

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