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Tumo-Int 1000W Wind Turbine Windmill MPPT Boosting Controller (24/48V)

Tumo-Int 1000W Wind Turbine Windmill MPPT Boosting Controller (24/48V)

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  • Industrial grade exterior design, elegant appearance, great texture
  • Visual graphical user interface, easy to operate and identify
  • The reliable waterproof (three defenses for circuit board, hierarchical design), even if the water enters (small amount), it will not damage the device

  • Standard configuration RS232 communication, it is easy to do the monitoring with the computer software. (RS485, short-range wireless optional) using a USB to RS232 members, more convenient to exchange data with a computer
  • MPPT function (boost / Wind turbines, Buck / photovoltaic), so that the Wind turbines can charge the battery at low wind speeds, improving the utilization of wind energy.

    MAX Wind Controller User Manual Down Load


    MAX Wind Controller Program Software (PC ONLY)




    Battery parameters

    Applied battery voltage


    Battery protect

    Reverse connection protection

    Over voltage


    Over voltage recovery


    Under voltage


    Under voltage recovery


    Battery temperature

    5mv/℃/2V (settable) (optional component)

    Wind turbines input parameters

    Rated power Wind turbine


    Rated power of the terminal

    25A dc (after rectification)

    Max. input current of the terminal

    30A dc (after rectification) 

    Default speed of the Wind turbines

    500 Rpm (settable)

    Default wind turbines limited current

    25A (settable)

    Wind turbines protection method

    over rev protection, over current protection, induction lightening protection

    Unloading method

    outer unloading device

    MPPT function

    Boost MPPT model ( automatic tracking or 5 segments curve tracking)

    Input current of MPPT channel



    Display mode

    Liquid crystal (LCD) display

    Communication mode


    Operating mode

      3M foil key operation (4 keys)

    Working temperature / humidity range

       -40~+80℃/20~85%RH(non condensing)

    Protection grade


    Controller size (L*W*H)

       235mm*148mm *84mm

    Net weight



    Super-intelligent wind/solar hybrid controller is the new generation of special high performance control device for new energy application on the basis of ultra high performance controller. It contains our years of application experience (such as waterproof, dustproof, salt spray, wiring error, wind resistance limit control of Wind turbines, energy management etc.), it has done to ultimate no matter it applied to the charging control or street light control. In order to meet variety of applications, the controller adopts a hierarchical, modular structure, all functions can be achieved with different functional plates according to actual application, and it is convenient for rapid customization and application.Patented Wind turbines limit protection components. Protect Wind turbines and controller when the Wind turbines is in extreme wind speeds, or battery disengages during work, first connect Wind turbines in the strong wind, and etc.

    Patented Wind turbines steady speed control method, which makes the Wind turbines will not run with super speed, advantage is that the Wind turbines can maintain the steady speed power generation even in the high winds, greatly improve the Wind turbines generated energy. It will not stop the Wind turbines running by brake when over speed as conventional methods.

    Patented Wind turbines stall current limit control methods, which makes Wind turbines will not run over current, avoid the damage of expensive generator caused by heating due to over current.

    The open parameter setting mode for battery overcharge and over put etc, makes the controller be suitable for use by various types of battery (such as lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries).  

    Customizable Operation
    Various output modes available for different requirements;
    Timing or optical control is usually used to make the controller adjust its output automatically.
    Customers can customize their own application on the matching PC software;

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