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Tumo-Int 100A Solar Charge Controller MPPT DC48/96/192V Battery Input with Max. PV 500VDC

Tumo-Int 100A Solar Charge Controller MPPT DC48/96/192V Battery Input with Max. PV 500VDC

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  • Automatic battery voltage detection DC48/96/192V.
  • Intelligent maximum power point tracking technology, maximum transfer efficiency of 98%.
  • Maximum power point tracking speed ≤ 40 seconds ,MPPT efficiency ≥ 99%.
  • High PV voltage input up to 500 V.
  • TFT color display.

This Series PV controller is the most advance and favorite MPPT solar controller. Aluminum Alloy body good for heat dissipation and cooling. Also this device have RS-232 connect port can be meet with kinds of communication demand. The device can be used to PV energy system and suitable for solar modules : Crystalline and Amorphous silicon, grid tied power system, etc.


  •  Battery voltage automatic detection DC48/96/192V
  • Best design to heat dissipation
  • Low voltage protection, timing, light switch
  • Smart CPU control technology
  • Meet with any battery capacity
  • TFT color display
  • With communication port RS-232

Charging Stages

  •  Bulk: Bulk current charging, which provides the use of current at a fast speed.
  • Absorption: Stable charging to ensure stable current output.
  • Float: Depressurization charging, slow charging to protect the power supply.

Bulk volt, Absorption volt, Float volt settable on LCD screen according to user need.


Our product materials are made of aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy heat dissipation is good, most people's MPPT is made of plastic materials, and the heat dissipation performance is not as powerful as ours. Moreover, our products use intelligent maximum power point tracking technology, the maximum transmission efficiency of 98%. The maximum power point tracking speed is ≤ 40 seconds, and the MPPT efficiency is ≥ 99%.

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